Its been a while since we published anything. So we thought we really should, after all you guys expect it (or so we would like to think!!).

However since it’s so busy at blowup hair this Christmas season. We could not think of a concept.

But lucky we had a beautiful young woman Mandy and she also had loads of hair extensions for us to play with.

This really was a blind hair and photo shoot. And we really had to think fast.

So we braided the hair extensions (which were really long) and folded them several times , and worked them around the head . this is the result.

Its has a bit of a nostalgic fair but never the less it is also quite high fashion, not something you would typically see in the street or at your works Christmas party .

we like to thank Mandy for taking time out on Sunday for a few hours for the session. + plus her hair extensions

thanks for looking

merry Christmas

Style:  Ulli Konig
Concept:  Ulli Konig
Photographer: Lawrence Wright
Model: Mandy

Gordon and Mr Natty
Beehive hairstyle