Flamboyage Meche with laura

This is a Laura our Beautiful client , we gave Laura a heavy fringe with long layers throughout . For the color we used Davines our Italian line, which is natural and ammo free, we used Flamboyage Meche to deliver dark chocolate browns to light amber shades, giving her hair vibrant colors and a beautiful natural sheen.
We hope you like this new look as much as Laura does.

Why Should I try Flamboyage?
Flamboyage Meche is the ultimate tool to give you the precise coloring possible, at the same time allows the hair stylist to get creative for your hair. The technique enhances your natural color and blends well, guarantees a dimension in elusive ways. Plus hair regrowth effect is minimized significantly as the technique allows the distinction between the roots is much more subtle.
Whether you have thick and curly, or fine straight hair, any hair types are a perfect candidate for flamboyage and it also works well for grey hair too. And not forgetting to mention, hair stylist and clients alike love how flamboyage is low in maintenance unlike other hair coloring technique, yet gives a rather dynamic effect for the tresses, that can last up to six weeks.

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