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ulli konig hair

Ulli Konig Hair announcement

I have recently been diagnosis with breast cancer, I am having to have intensive chemotherapy for around 16 weeks, then radiation for another 4 weeks. I have been told due to coivd-19, I should not work during this time as my immune system will be compromised.  So, having to made the hard decision to temporary close the salon until at least till July.

I will be still selling products online (coming soon) which you can pick up at the salon.

SHATTI ESTHETICS will still be open.    Please support Shatti as supporting Shatti is supporting the salon, and it will help us pay the rent/bills until I can reopen the hair salon part again.

Please check my website or Facebook for updates.

This is a difficult time for us, so I thank you for your patience and support.

Ulli Konig


I plan to have a Grand reopening of the hair salon sometime in July/August.