Ulli Konig Art Gallery

Hi welcome to our art gallery, our newest feature at Ulli Konig Hair Studio, with Original ARTWORK available for sale.
(see the artwork at the bottom of page)

"We were hoping to have a little opening/viewing but due to Covid-19 , this is not possible,  in the future we will be having art openings for various artists and photographers."

Our gallery includes two dedicated rooms for artwork  plus the hair studio.

We are still in the process of updating some of the  gallery space and also the  website information and layout.

Currently we are showing work by:
Brad Waring our resident Artist, which are available for purchase.

See his newest work first here .

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If you would like to view the artwork or looking for more information please ring Lawrence or me, and we can arrange a private viewing.

If you have an appointment with me, I will gladly show the work.

Call Lawrence: 250 512 7290

Email:  Lawrencewrightphoto@hotmail.com